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Chinese-French Camp of 2015 UIP
Enjoy a Hot Summer Night—2015 UIP
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UIP: A Three-day Field Survey in Anyue County- Green Lotus Valley


  The College of Architecture and Environment forms essential

part of present Sichuan University (SCU) in the new discipline as
an opportunity to integrate into the new entity-based Institute. The
college origins can be traced back to 1988, which is the predec-
essor of the Ministry of Education approved the former Urban con-
struction and Environmental protection Institute.

Research Institute
Building Energy Efficiency Institute of Technology
National FGD (Flue gas desulfurization) technology research centre
Institute of Biomechanics
Architecture Engineering design institute of Engineering mechanics
Sustainability Research and Education Center
Sino-German joint center for energy research
China-Japan Joint Research Center for Disaster Prevention and Reduction
 Bachelor Degree Programs
 Master Degree Programs
 Doctoral Programs
 Master of Engineering (Part-time)
 Post-Doctorate Positions
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