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Students from CCS Won Success in 2012 FIRA

July 28, 2012, organized by the Working Committee of China Association for Artificial Intelligence Robot Soccer, hosted by Harbin Far East Institute, the Fourteenth Far Eastern Polytechnic Cup National Robot Championship cum Robot Contest 2012 FIRA World Cup team trials officially came to an end. Grade 2009 undergraduate Li Si, 2010 undergraduates Wang Dong and other 3 students from our college with their 11vs11 robot soccer team won the second prize of tournament 11vs11 robot soccer project; 2009 undergraduates Luo Xinji, Zhang Yingying, Yao Shuanglu, Xu Huanran and another student with their 5vs5 team won third prize in the 5vs5 robot soccer project.

The national robotics tournament in total has four main categories of events, divided into semi-autonomous robot competition, fully autonomous robot competition, humanoid robot competition and simulation robot competition. It is designed to allow the robot into people’s lives and enrich students’ extracurricular lives, to cultivate the ability of students’ hand making, teamwork and cooperation, and scientific and technological innovation capability. Meanwhile, through various forms of school competition, domestic and international competitions, there would be promoting common development, making contribution to the development of robot soccer career.

There are many well-known universities, research institutions, R&D enterprises over the country and hundreds of delegations from the United States, Canada, and South Korea participating this time. This is the biggest match both in size and in the number of competition teams. Delegation from our college participated in two competitions. The simulation type 5vs5 robot soccer game has total of more than 30 teams from over 30 schools, more than 180 students participated in the simulation-type the 11vs11 robot soccer match with total of over 40 teams from about 40 schools, attended by more than 240 students. Elected by the Youth Committee of Sichuan University, the Robot Soccer School Team is made of two teams. Based on their academic and professional knowledge, together with actual practice and precise strategies, from the discussion of strategies to the encoding progress, over one year’s preparation on continuous perfection of the code and competition strategies, they competed with other students from dozens of universities on July 25-28.

During the game, the robot football team sent from our college had wonderful performances in the fierce competition, got the praise from the judges and other school teams. The robot soccer team of our college through the game made technical exchanges with other outstanding teams. We believe that in our continuous efforts, robot soccer project can flourish in our school.


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