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Professor Philip T. Cox from Dalhousie University Visited CCS


In the morning of November 5, 2012, Professor Philip T. Cox from Dalhousie University of Canada visited our college, and explored possibilities of co-operation matters.

At 9:00 o’clock, the meeting was held in B314 conference room of CCS. Vice-Dean Hong Mei, Zhu Min, and Ms. Hu Qiong of International Office, Mr. Luan Xingchen of teaching management office, Mr. Wang Wei of international office of SCU attended the meeting. The two sides discussed about the prospect of “2+2” and “3+2” joint programs. They mainly discussed issues about English requirements, curriculum setting, etc. The two sides both expressed the willingness of cooperation on “2+2” and “3+2” joint programs. They will consult and discuss with the department concerned respectively and move forward with the implementation of the programs.
Later on, Professor Cox and Vice-Dean Professor Zhu discussed about research cooperation and faculty exchange between the two colleges. Professor Zhu introduced the research fields of our college to Professor Cox. Then Professor Cox said that there are many similar fields between our two colleges and expressed sincere welcome of our visiting to Dalhousie University. Meanwhile, Professor Cox encouraged the students with CSC (China Scholarship Council) scholarships to apply the PhD programs of Dalhousie University.

At last, the meeting ended up with the beautiful introduction film slides of Dalhousie University.


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