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The school has 1 key laboratory of Ministry of Education, 2 key laboratories of Sichuan province (Key Laboratory of Drug Targeting and Novel Drug Delivery System and Key Laboratory of Natural Medicinal Chemistry).
Key Laboratory of Drug Targeting and Drug Delivery System of Ministry of Education
The key laboratory of Drug Targeting and Drug Delivery System is promoted from the key laboratory of Drug Targeting, which was originally founded and entitled the Key Laboratory of Ordinary University in Sichuan Province in 1999. It was permitted to construct as the Key Laboratory of Ministry of Education in 2005, and was approved in 2007. It is a unique ministerial key laboratory in the country conducting research on drug targeting and drug delivery system. At present, it houses 60 researchers including 23 professors, 19 associate professors and 14 lecturers. Among them, 23 are doctoral advisors, 30 have overseas study background and approximately 80 percent hold doctoral degrees. The research team was built under the leadership of recipients of the National Scientific Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars. Among the faculty, there are 2 recipients of the National Scientific Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, 4 discipline leaders of Sichuan Province and 5 recipients of the Scientific Fund of Sichuan province for Distinguished Young Scholars. In addition, 4 staff gained research foundation supported by the Trans-Century Training Programs Foundation for the Talents by the Ministry of Education. In the past five years, the key laboratory has attracted more than 70 graduate students for doctoral degrees and 220 for master’s degrees, with more than 60 granted for doctoral degree and 210 for master’s degree. 10 postdoctors were taken in with another 6 finished their postdoctoral research. The laboratory takes up space of about 4,500 m2. Prof. Zhi-rong Zhang, the recipient of the National Scientific Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, is appointed the director of the laboratory and the Academician Chang-xiao Liu takes the position of the Chairman of Academic Committee.
The main research activities of the Laboratory can be divided into several broad streams incorporating their research strengths: design, synthesis and characterization of targeting prodrugs, development of novel drug delivery system, development of novel delivery system of therapeutic genes, exploration of materials for drug delivery, in vitro and in vivo evaluation of targeted drug delivery system. The key laboratory has been in charge of a range of research projects, including 2 national “973” projects, 2 national “863” projects, 2 projects supported by the National Distinguished Youth Science Fund, more than 40 projects (two of them are key projects) supported by the National Natural Science Foundation, 50 projects supported by provincial government and national ministry, and more than 200 collaborative projects cooperated with pharmaceutical companies. The research of the key laboratory primarily focuses on “studies of targeting nanoparticle of drug and therapeutic gene” supported by “863 Project”, “Studies on therapeutic targeting drugs for osteoporosis” and “studies of macromolecular material PELGE for i.v injection and liver-targeted nanoparticles of PELGE” supported by key projects of National Natural Scientific Foundation and “targeted drug delivery system” supported by the National Scientific Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars.
Key Laboratory of Natural Medicinal Chemistry of Sichuan Province
The key laboratory of ordinary university of Sichuan province was approved to be established in 2001. With total space of 1,800 m3, the laboratory comprises 6 professors, 2 associate professors and 4 lecturers. 2 superconducting NMRs (200MHz and 400MHz), 1 GC-MS, 1 FT-IR, 1 UV spectrophotometers, 1 mini-scanner, 1 Micro-polariscope, 8 HPLCs, 1 medium pressure Electrophoresis system and other devices are available in the laboratory, which worth more than 10 million RMB. The laboratory recruits 12-15 graduate students for doctoral degree and 15-20 for master’s degree each year. The lab has engaged in a range of research activities, starting from Chemistry of medicinal alkaloids, the total synthesis of natural products, studies on the active ingredients of natural products, investigations on the resources and qualities of traditional Chinese medicine, research on unique herbal medicine from Tibet, the standardization of cultivation of herbal medicine to the preparation of traditional Chinese medicine. In the recent five years, the laboratory has taken charge of more than 30 projects of Sichuan province and National Ministry with more than 1.5 million scientific research funds, and over 20 commercialization projects with an investment of more than 6 million RMB from pharmaceutical companies. The laboratory has also won 16 scientific and technical awards at national ministerial and provincial level. More than 10 new medicine certificates were acquired and 6 patents were applied. Prof. Feng-peng Wang acts as the director of the Key Laboratory.
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