Founded in 1918, the West China School of Pharmacy at Sichuan University is located at the east side of the Huaxi campus, in close proximity to the scenic Lotus Lake and Clock Tower on campus. The school is organized into seven departments, and two research/education centers, including Department of Medicinal Chemistry, Department of Pharmaceutics, Department of Natural Medicinal Chemistry, Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis, Department of Pharmacology & Biopharmaceutics, Department of Clinical Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Administration, Central laboratory of Modern Pharmaceutical Experiment, and Analytical Center. We also have an exhibition room for plants and herbal medicine specimen, and a botanical garden.      
  The school currently has over 120 faculty and staff members,including 24 professors, two senior research fellows, 21 associate professors, six associate research fellows, and 26 assistant professors. Among them, one is the member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 22 are PhD advisors, and 22 are MS advisors. Also, we have four recipients of the National Scientific Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, four recipients funded by the Trans-Century Training Programs Foundation, four discipline leaders of Sichuan Province, and five recipients of the Scientific Fund of Sichuan province for Distinguished Young Scholars.
  With an enrollment of more than 1000 students, the school recruits about 200 undergraduate students and more than 100 graduate students for doctoral degree and master’s degree annually.
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Main campus address:
Wangjiang campus: section of Chengdu No. 24 Southern Yihuan Code: 610065 | 29 Jiuyanqiao WangjiangRoad, Chengdu Zip: 610064
Huaxi Campus: Chengdu, People’s SouthRoad was on the 17th Zip: 610041
Jiang’an Campus: Shuangliu County, Chengdu, Sichuan road Zip: 610207
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