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Undergraduate education
West China School of Pharmacy, formerly known as a pharmaceutical institute, was founded in 1918 by Canadian Dr. E.N. Meuser(1880-1970). In 1932, West China Union University opened its Department of Pharmaceutics, which is one of the first public institutions for higher pharmaceutical education in China. In 1953, its name changed to the Department of Pharmacy Sichuan Medical College, and set up two majors-Pharmacy and Medicinal Chemistry. In 1985, with the change of school name, it renamed the Department of Pharmacy West China Medical University. In March 1987, based on the former Department of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Institute, the School of Pharmacy was established. It is the first to take in undergraduate students major in clinical pharmacy in 1989. In October 2000, the original West China Medical University and Sichuan University merged to form the present Sichuan University. After that its name changed to West China School of Pharmacy Sichuan University.
West China School of Pharmacy is committed to cultivate talents with international perspectives, innovative awareness and ability to lead the development of future industries. The Department now has two undergraduate majors: pharmacy and clinical pharmacy. Approximately 200 undergraduate students enrolled in pharmacy every year, which is a four-year program. While annual enrollment of clinical pharmacy undergraduates is about 30, which is a five-year program. All awards a Bachelor of Science degree. West China School of Pharmacy now offers 102 courses for the undergraduate students .

Graduate Education
West China School of Pharmacy at Sichuan University is qualified to confer Doctor’s degree in first level discipline of pharmacy. Now there are three Doctor’s degree conferring subunits of second-class disciplines (Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutics, and Pharmaceutical Analysis), and six Master’s degree conferring subunits of second-class disciplines (Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutics, Pharmacognosy, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Microbial and Biochemical Pharmacy, and Pharmacology). Nine disciplinary spots are granted to recruit doctoral candidates and postgraduate students (Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutics, Pharmacognosy, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Microbial and Biochemical Pharmacy, Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmacy Administration, and Natural Medicine Chemistry). Now (2017) there are 26 Ph.D advisors and 20 master’s advisors (excluding Ph.D advisors)
Annually, the school enrolls over 150 MS candidates and over 30 PhD candidates. 
Table 1. Research fields of postgraduate students’ advisors at West China School of Pharmacy.

Advisors’ Name
Research fields
Medicinal Chemistry
Fener Chen
Discovery of antiviral drugs based on computer-aided design and structural analogs
Asymmetric catalysis and synthesis forchiral drugs
Total synthesis of natural drugs and natural drugs-like
 Yong Wu
Study of active targeting drug and chiral drug
 Yingchun Chen
Asymmetric catalysis and biologically active chiral substances
Ling He
Study of catalytic reaction and Its application in medicinal synthesis
Yong Deng
Discovery of drugs against neurodegenerative diseases and pharmaceutical process chemistry
Li Guo
Studies on peptidr dendrimer and targeting drugs
Zhenlei Song/Lu Gao
Development of new organosilane reagents and its application in drug synthesis
Li Hai/Qingrong Qi
Study of targeting drug and drug synthetic process
Lin Dong
Organic synthesis methodology study and synthesis of natural products and drugs
Zhirong Zhang/Huile Gao
Targeting delivery system for drug(s) and therapeutic gene(s)
Zongning Yin
Sustained and controlled release drug delivery system
Qin He
Study on new drug delivery system and tumor targeting delivery system
Yingju He
Dosage form design and formulation of herbal medicine and chemical drugs
Yuan Huang
Design and mechanism study of targeting drug delivery system
Tao Gong
Controlled and sustained drug release, particulate drug delivery technology and applications
Xun Sun
Molecular pharmaceutics and targeted drug delivery systems
Shengjun Mao
New drug delivery systems and related basic research for application
Linli Li
Studies of new drug formulations, drug stability and key technologies of screening and optimization of lead compounds
Shu Wang
The development and evaluation of the quality of crude drug
Tao Li
Active constituents and quality evaluation of crude drugs
Pharmaceutical Analysis
Xiaoping Xu/Chunmei Fu
Pharmacuetical quality control & pharmacuetical metabolism analysis
Liming Ye
Biopharmaceutical analysis and drug metabolism model in vitro
Guangsheng Qian
Quality control for drugs and instrument analysis
Microbial and Biochemical Pharmacy
Rong Yu
Pharmaceutical biotechnology
Junrong Du
Cardio-cerebrovascular pharmacology and new drug evaluation
Xu Bao
Pharmacology of chinese materia medica and new drugs
Yong Qing
Molecular pharmacology
Wen Huang
Material basis and mechanism of action for natural drug
Chonghua Chen
Newer pharmacodynamic evaluation modes of compound preparation and pharmacology of new drugs
Clinical Pharmacy
Xuehua Jiang/Ke Lan
Research of pharmacokinetics in pharmacotherapy
Ling Wang
Research and application of pharmacokinetics
Lingli Zhang
Evidence-based pharmacy research and practice
Ting Xu
Drug utilization research and evaluation
Pharmacy Administration
Ming Hu
Pharmacy policy & pharmacoeconomics
Natural Medicinal Chemistry
Jing Huang
The research of natural activity components
Yong Qin/ Hao Song /Xiaoyu Liu
The chemistry of alkaloids
Jingsong Yang
Study on the synthesis of oligosaccharides and glycosides
Liang Xu
Synthesis and structure activity relationship study toward nitrogen containing natural products
Donglin Chen
The research of natural diterpenoid alkaloids

Figure 1: 2017 graduation photo
Since 1978, over 1,800 students were awarded with MS degrees, and over 400 students were awarded with doctorate degrees. Among them, four were recipients of the National Top 100 Excellent Doctoral Dissertations (in the year of 2003, 2006, 2010 and 2013), and two received the nomination awards for the National Top 100 Doctoral Dissertation in 2008 and 2012. Four students were awarded the New Academic Researcher Award for Doctoral Candidates by the Ministry of Education. 
In recent years, graduate students contributed greatly to the scientific research with over 670 manuscripts published in SCI-indexed journals. 30 articles were published in journals with impact factors (IF) over 10, and 5 of them were published on Nature series and Cell sister journals, including Nat. Chem.Nat. Chem. Biol.Nat. Commun. and Chem. More and more graduate students participated in the " National Construction of High-quality University Projects of Graduates " sponsored by the China Scholarship Council, and over 30 students received the funding support to pursue studies in renowned universities in the United States, Canada, Germany, Australia, Netherlands, and Switzerland. Over 40 graduate students were supported to attend international conferences, or participate in short-term exchange programs.
Postdoctoral Training   
Supported by West China School of Pharmacy, the postdoctoral research station was established in 1999. 39 postdoctoral trainees have completed the training, and currently we have 14 postdoctoral trainees in station. So far, nine of them have received the funding support by the China Postdoctoral Science Foundation, with a total subsidy of RMB 420,000. The station covers research fields including Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutics, Pharmacognosy, Pharmaceutical analysis, Microbial and Biochemical Pharmacy, Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmacy Administration and Natural Product Chemistry. There are 26 professors qualified to recruit postdoctoral researchers in the above research fields. 


A series of research projects are being carried out in the fields of novel drug discovery, novel dosage form development, pharmaceutical analysis, clinical pharmacy and pharmacology. Significant achievements have been accomplished in the research of exploration of anti-tumor drugs, drugs for cardiovascular diseases and birth control, natural active agents, targeted drug delivery systems, sustained-release and controlled-release formulations, drug stabilization, new dosage forms of traditional Chinese medicine, chemical sensors, and establishment of quality standard of new drugs. In the past five years, the School has published more than 10 academic monographs, compiled 10 textbooks, and has published about 1000 academic papers, among which 300 were cited by SCI. The School has taken charge of 2 national “973” project, 3 national “863” projects, 2 projects supported by the National Distinguished Youth Science Fund, more than 40 projects (two of them are key projects) supported by the National Natural Science Foundation, 50 projects supported by provincial government and national ministry, and more than 200 collaborative projects supported by pharmaceutical companies. The School has gained 18 scientific and technical awards from the National Ministry and Sichuan province. 10 new drug licenses and certificates for clinic research were issued. Among the applied 20 patents, 10 were approved. The School has been taken an active role in international academic exchange and cooperation in recent 20 years. More than 200 scholars were sent abroad to give lectures, to do research, and to pursue advanced professional studies or higher academic degrees. Meanwhile, more than 300 scholars and specialists from USA, Japan, Germany, UK, and Australia have visited the School and given lectures. Moreover, the School has established a friendly intercollegiate relationship with Keio University, Japan.
  To meet the research needs of the faculties and students, a wild range of modern facilities and devices, including superconducting NMR (200MHz and 400MHz), LC-MS, GC-MS, FT-IR and UV spectrophotometers, HPLC, GC, drug dissolution tester, laser particle sizer, freeze drier, spray drier and high pressure homogenizer are offered in the West China School of Pharmacy.


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